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The latest in PC Power Management software, PowerPlug Pro 2.5 introduces unique power management features that help organizations maximize electricity and cost savings.

PowerPlug has released the latest version of PowerPlug Pro, the leader in PC Power Management software solutions. PowerPlug Pro 2.5 includes unique, market-leading power management features, including:

Advanced Power-down Conditions – PowerPlug Pro 2.5 now allows placing activity and performance-related conditions on power savings operations, executing such operations only when these conditions are met. For example, a PC may be instructed to stay up if a process (anti-virus, backup software etc.) is running and taking up a certain level of system resources (e.g. requires high CPU or disk I/O). Power savings will only commence once the condition is met – e.g. that process will drop below a defined threshold. These advanced power-down conditions enables organizations to distribute PowerPlug Pro across all organizational PCs, knowing that it will not interfere with critical IT or business processes.

Delegated Management – Administrators of large organizations can delegate the management of power saving policies to different branches and departments. This allows local branch/department administrators to customize power-saving policies to their specific needs, and deliver first level support independently.

One-click Remote PC Wakeup – the PowerPlug Wakeup Portal now offers complete integration into an organization’s intranet. Administrators can embed wakeup links on existing intranet pages (e.g. SharePoint), allowing each user to wake up his/her own computer remotely. User-to-PC mappings are automatically performed – no need to configure which user can wake which PC.

Some of PowerPlug’s customers – including large medical centers, IT companies and government agencies – have already upgraded to PowerPlug Pro 2.5 and are enjoying its unique feature set.