PowerPlug Pro supports Mor Institute for Medical Data Ltd. in saving power usage solution.


This year Mor Institute for Medical Data Ltd. In Israel have evaluated the market to identify the most innovative solution for PC Power Management software and chose PowerPlug Ltd.

Although Mor Institute for Medical Data Ltd. is not the biggest HMO in Israel, it is by far one of the most important institute in the medical field.

“We managed to give the best solution for another major medical institute in Israel, and have another partner that recognize the importance of consuming energy in PC’s and saving costs to the organization”, says Nimrod Yedaya, VP Costumer Services.


About Mor Institute for Medical Data Ltd

Mor Institute for Medical Data Ltd.  was founded in 1975. The Company’s line of business includes providing health and allied services.

MOR’s commercialization portfolio comprises over 100 different projects and companies at various stages of development, from pre-seed to advanced stage companies. The intellectual property is conceived and developed by professionals working at all fourteen hospitals owned by Clalit, and around 2,000 clinics across the country, including the Rabin, Meir, Kaplan, Carmel, Soroka, Ha-Emek, and Schneider medical centers. MOR draws on over two decades of experience to ensure that the process of commercialization of these inventions yields gains for the researchers, industry partners, and the public at large.


About PowerPlug

PowerPlug Ltd, founded in 2009, is a leading provider of PC Power Management solutions for organizations. The company’s mission is to reduce the environmental and financial impact of PC power consumption, cutting organizational costs and carbon emissions without any interference to IT operations or end-user productivity.

PowerPlug’s software solutions lead to savings of up to 60% in PC power costs and to a significant reduction of an organization’s carbon footprint. The company’s leading product, PowerPlug Pro, has already been implemented by organizations with as little as 200 PCs and as many as 40,000 PCs, including medical centers, financial institutions, IT companies, universities, government agencies and more. PowerPlug Pro also includes the patented Wakeup Portal, enabling network administrators and end-users to easily turn on PCs remotely from any power state, including shutdown.