There are few organizations whose array of personal computers (PCs) is as complex and varied as that of Clalit Health Services. Clalit’s 30,000 PCs are distributed across nearly 2000 locations, ranging from 5-person clinics to 1000-bed hospitals, with hundreds of pharmacies and corporate offices in the mix.
Clalit selected PowerPlug Pro to manage the electricity consumption of its challenging PC environment. From the get go, following a successful trial rollout on several hundreds of computers, PowerPlug Pro’s flexibility and adaptability emerged as the key success factor for Clalit’s cost-cutting targets.
CIO of Clalit Health Services, said “Clalit Health Services is committed to reducing the environmental impact of its operations, and PowerPlug Pro goes a long way to help us meet our emissions reduction goals. It is an intelligent solution for the massive waste of energy that results from unused computers. We expect PowerPlug Pro to bring us substantial savings, especially in light of recent electricity cost increases. We chose PowerPlug Pro after evaluating several products, due to its richness of features, its adaptability to heterogeneous PC environments, and the unmatched degree of savings it delivered at reference customers and in our trials.”
Eyal Yechieli, CEO of PowerPlug Ltd, added “We are proud to have been selected for nationwide deployment at Clalit Health Services. PowerPlug Pro is set to achieve significant savings at Clalit, in large-scale environments ranging from corporate offices through to medical emergency departments. Our solution will also give the management of Clalit Health Services visibility of power consumption and savings, and of the resulting cost and carbon emissions reductions.”
Although a single PowerPlug Pro server could manage all of Clalit’s PCs, Clalit and PowerPlug devised a distributed architecture, with a total of 5 PowerPlug Pro servers. A single server was designated to manage 20,000 PCs distributed in over 1,400 clinics nationwide, another server was allocated for over 10 medium-sized hospitals, two more servers were used to separately manage Clalit’s largest two hospitals. Finally, Clalit’s corporate PCs were assigned another server.
Clalit then set out to distribute agents on its PCs, using both standard software distribution tools (SMS) and PowerPlug Pro’s internal agent distribution mechanism.
A critical stage of the rollout project was creating power saving plans that are adapted to the needs of different parts of the organization. PowerPlug and Clalit cooperated to optimize savings plans for the maximal achievable savings without interrupting users. Critical PCs were identified and excluded from power savings, and dynamic exclusions were also put in place – a PC running certain medical software, for example, would be excluded from power savings until that software would be exited.
With agent rollout under way and tailored power plans configured, savings on a mass scale began.