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Assuta, Israel’s largest private hospital chain, and the ministries of Agriculture and Health implement PowerPlug Pro, the PC power saving software, to reduce power costs and cut carbon emissions

PowerPlug, a leading provider of PC Power Management software, announced today that three major organizations have chosen PowerPlug Pro as their PC power saving software of choice,
implemented towards cutting PC power consumption and related costs by up to 60%.

Assuta (http://en.assuta.co.il/), Israel’s largest and leading private hospital chain, joins PowerPlug’s deep healthcare portfolio, which includes HMOs, hospitals and clinics ranging in size from several dozens of PCs to 30,000 PCs. Israel’s Ministry of Health (http://www.health.gov.il/english) and the Ministry of Agriculture (http://www.moag.gov.il/agri/English/) bolster PowerPlug’s government business, joining existing customers such as the Finance and Construction Ministries, municipalities and government-owned corporations.

“Soaring power costs are bringing more and more organizations to the realization that PC Power Management can make a sizeable dent in their expenses” said Eyal Yechieli, CEO of PowerPlug. “Both Assuta and the Ministries of Health and Agriculture selected PowerPlug Pro after seeing it in action at similar organizations, and after verifying the very real financial and operational benefits it brings. PowerPlug Pro’s flexibility allows it to adapt to different businesses, including mission-critical organizations such as hospitals. It reduces power consumption dramatically, without impacting the user experience or IT activities.”