Leumi Card selects PowerPlug to Reduce PC Power Costs

Leumi Card, Israel’s fastest-growing credit card issuer, has implemented PowerPlug Pro to reduce PC power costs across its network, saving electricity across thousands of desktop computers on its premises.

“PowerPlug’s customers come from a range of industries, from government to healthcare, from IT to academia. We are proud that a leading financial institution such as Leumi Card selected PowerPlug Pro to manage the power consumption of its PCs” said Eyal Yechieli, CEO of PowerPlug.

PowerPlug Pro lets its customers tailor saving plans for the varying needs of their organization, maximizing savings while keeping the end-user experience unaffected. PowerPlug Pro provides remote PC wake up capabilities, enabling both administrators and users to wake up PCs and access them remotely, any time and from anywhere. PowerPlug Pro produces in-depth analytic reports about the power and cost savings it delivers.

A subsidiary of Israel’s largest bank, Leumi Card selected Greenware Technologies as its system integrator for PowerPlug Pro. “A key element in Leumi Card’s decision to launch PowerPlug Pro was the product’s ability to operate in the demanding environment of a credit card clearinghouse such as Leumi Card.” Said Roy Tal, CEO of Greenware. “PowerPlug Pro allows us to maintain the availability Leumi Card users expect from their PCs, at the same time making a significant dent in the company’s electricity bill”.

About Leumi Card

Leumi Card (www.leumi-card.co.il) has issued 1.9 million (Visa and MasterCard) cards, and provides acquiring and processing services to over 40,000 businesses. The company has 1,600 employees. Leumi Card is committed to providing customers with a wide range of products and innovative payment solutions tailored to their needs. In recent years, Leumi Card has appeared first among Israel’s credit card companies in terms of credit card growth.