Meuhedet Reduce PC Energy Costs

Meuhedet Health Services, Israel’s fastest growing HMO with more than 3,500 physicians and 1 million insured members, has implemented PowerPlug Pro to reduce PC energy costs and carbon emissions.

“Meuhedet selected PowerPlug Pro due to its ability to reduce PC energy costs by reducing PC power consumption by more than 60%, while continuing to operate seamlessly across Meuhedet’s distributed PC network. PowerPlug Pro centrally manages power consumption and savings in a diverse environment, covering 250 clinics, as well as numerous pharmacies, laboratories, dental clinics and other health facilities. PowerPlug Pro enacts savings policies on all of Meuhedet’s organizational PCs, maximizing savings while ensuring that the availability of mission-critical PCs is not affected.”

PowerPlug Pro has been rolled out on more than 4,000 PCs at Meuhedet in a under a week, delivering an ROI of less than 3 months and a monthly reduction of 75 tons in CO2 emissions.”

“Our key customers are CIOs and COOs who are looking to reduce IT costs while keeping organizational performance unaffected. PowerPlug Pro lets IT departments generate revenue in a tangible, recurring manner, while requiring no changes in an organization’s operations or configuration” said Eyal Yechieli, CEO of PowerPlug. “Meuhedet Health Services is a major addition to our portfolio. When a healthcare organization like Meuhedet installs PowerPlug Pro, it entrusts the availability of its PCs in our hands. We designed PowerPlug Pro with such customers in mind, balancing savings with uncompromising reliability and availability of our customers’ PCs.”