National Insurance Agency Joins PowerPlug for Green IT Solutions

The National Insurance Institute of Israel has chosen PowerPlug Pro, a Green IT solutions software, to save electricity across thousands of desktop computers on its premises.

Joining other government ministries such as ministry of Agriculture, Health and Finance, The National Insurance Institute decided to use PowerPlug Pro in order to manage and optimize PC power consumption based on their specific needs, and as a result to significantly reduce the power consumption of unused or idle PCs by up to 70%.

PowerPlug Pro lets its customers tailor saving plans for the varying needs of their organization, maximizing savings while keeping the end-user experience unaffected. PowerPlug Pro provides remote PC wake up capabilities, enabling both administrators and users to wake up PCs and access them remotely, any time and from anywhere. PowerPlug Pro produces in-depth analytic reports about the power and cost savings it delivers.


About The National Insurance Institute

The National Insurance Institute of Israel (NII), one of the pillars on which social policy in Israel rests, operates under the National Insurance Law. The NII aims to provide weak population groups and families in temporary or long-term difficulties with a financial basis for subsistence.

In addition to the National Insurance Law, the National Insurance Institute is in charge of enforcing other laws and agreements in the field of social insurance, such as the Income Support Law, designed to protect every family from loss of income and to assist needy populations.