PowerPlug PC Power Management Solutions

PowerPlug, the leading provider of PC Power Management solutions, has partnered with MRK Science and Technology Development Group to distribute power management products in China.

PowerPlug’s flagship product, PowerPlug Pro, enables organizations to manage the electricity consumption of their computers, dramatically reducing operational costs. By creating and enforcing organizational power saving policies, PowerPlug Pro powers-down PCs when they are not in use. Both administrators and users can wake up computers when they are needed, ensuring their instant availability when they are needed. PowerPlug Pro also produces management reports detailing electricity and costs savings, as well as the potential for additional savings.

MRK Group is the leading IT and software solutions provider in Jiangsu, China’s second-largest province. MRK Group will distribute PowerPlug’s products to its numerous customers and to new prospects. China Daily reports that Jiangsu is one of the provinces where power consumption greatly outpaces power generation capabilities. Jiangsu has faced a power deficit of 19 million Kilowatts, or 16%, in the summer of 2011.

“China’s incredible growth has created a strong need for energy efficiency” Said Eyal Yechieli, CEO of PowerPlug. “Chinese companies are looking for ways to do more with less, and PowerPlug can help them cut the power consumption of their PCs by 70%. In the MRK Group we have found a strong partner whose presence and market traction in China are impressive.”

About MRK Science and Technology Development

MRK Science &Technology Development (Group) Co. Ltd. (MRK Group) was incorporated in September 2005, which is a diversified high-tech industry group company. MRK key areas of interest covers Software and service outsourcing; Research and Development in Communication equipment and technology; E-government and logistics solutions provider; International technology transfer and trade; software industry parks operations and IT Center of Excellence. MRK established The Nanjing International Software & Outsourcing Industrial Park in August, 2009.