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PowerPlug released version 2.7 of PowerPlug Pro, its PC power management software, adding unique power-saving capabilities that allow organizations to maximize their PC energy saving capabilities without interference to ongoing user and IT activities.

PowerPlug Pro enables organizations to reduce their PC power consumption by up to 60%, saving over $50 per PC annually.

New features in version 2.7 include:

  • –  Custom Scripts and Power Events – provide the means for writing custom code that will be invoked before System Standby / Shutdown or after System Resume.
  • –  Dynamic Computer Groups – define custom computer groups that can be used in the product. Computer Groups can be defined by I/P range or mask, Computer name mask, Active Directory objects and can have both “include” and “exclude” definitions.
  • –  “Monitor On” and “Keep Monitor On” features –ensures that the monitor is on when waking up a computer and keep the monitor on for the “keep awake” duration.
  • –  Logoff before Power Savings operation – performs a log off operation before performing either Sleep or Hibernate operations.

These and additional features cement PowerPlug Pro’s position as a state-of-the-art PC Power Management platform, enabling organizations to save money and cut emissions without changing the way they work. PowerPlug Pro recently announced three new major customers, all of which enjoy the new version 2.7 today.