PC power consumption

Shila medical services joins growing client roster of PowerPlug Ltd, provider of PC Power Management solutions


Shila medical services, a subsidiary of Clalit Health Services, has selected to implement PowerPlug Pro, the pc power management software, to reduce PC power consumption throughout the organization’s network and save on related energy costs.

The decision was made following a successful pilot, during which the PowerPlug software analyzed and assessed the organization’s PC network and created a tailored Power Savings Plan for the organization. “Once the PowerPlug software completes its initial analysis of the network and identifies all potential saving points, the program is configured to reduce immediate and long term PC power consumption, which can lead to savings of up to 60% on PC network energy bills” said Eyal Yechieli, PowerPlug’s CEO.

Shila’s parent company, Clalit Health Services, is a veteran PowerPlug client, having implemented the PC power saving software over five years ago, demonstrating annual savings of over $1M across its network of over 30,000 PCs.


About Shila

Shila medical services is a subsidiary of Clalit Health Services, Israel’s largest HMO. Shila is home to three top Clalit divisions: “Clalit Smile” for dental care, “Clalit Esthetics” for plastics and cosmetic care, and “Clalit Mashlima” for alternative medicine.

Shila operates over 165 clinics nationwide, with over 4,500 employees holding a wide range of positions, varying from corporate roles to health service professionals.


About PowerPlug

PowerPlug Ltd, founded in 2009, is a leading provider of PC Power Management solutions for organizations. The company’s mission is to reduce the environmental and financial impact of PC power consumption, cutting organizational costs and carbon emissions without any interferences to IT operations or end-user productivity.

PowerPlug’s software solutions lead to savings of up to 60% in PC power costs and to a significant reduction of an organization’s carbon footprint. The company’s leading product, PowerPlug Pro, has already been implemented by organizations with as little as 200 PCs and as many as 40,000 PCs, including medical centers, financial institutions, IT companies, universities, government agencies and more.

PowerPlug was recently awarded a Horizons 2020 grant, which will go towards the development of the company’s latest cloud product. Visit www.powerplug.ai to learn more about pc power management solutions and green energy savings for businesses.