BGU selects PowerPlug as PC Network Power Management Software

Ben Gurion University of the Negev (BGU), one of Israel’s leading universities, has selected PowerPlug Pro as its PC Network Power Management Software, for campus-wide implementation. PowerPlug Pro manages the power consumption of thousands of PCs at BGU, powering them down when they are not in use to save electricity and money, while keeping the user experience unaffected.

“After an in-depth evaluation process we selected PowerPlug Pro, whose flexibility and advanced features put it well ahead of the competition” Said Alon Goldin, BGU’s Head of IT. “Because of the diversity of PC uses at BGU, the ability to delegate power management capabilities to departmental IT managers was critical for us. Using PowerPlug Pro’s distributed management, every departmental IT manager can define power plans applicable to PCs under his or her control, ensuring user needs are optimally met. Another key consideration in selecting PowerPlug Pro was the ability to temporarily exclude PCs from power savings using dynamic, accurate criteria. It allowed us to distribute PowerPlug Pro throughout the organization without fearing it will power down computers running overnight simulations or other critical research processes. We simply created power-down exceptions that would ensure critical activities would not be affected, and rolled out savings plans en masse.”

“We are proud to have a leading academic institution such as Ben Gurion University among our customers” said Eyal Yechieli, CEO of PowerPlug. “BGU’s commitment to green IT and its wish to save money in the face of rising electricity tariffs make PowerPlug Pro an ideal solution for its needs. We were pleased to reach first place on BGU’s thorough evaluation process and to launch PowerPlug Pro on campus.”

PowerPlug Pro reduces electricity consumption for PCs in personal use at BGU (by faculty members, administrators and others) as well as on public PCs (in libraries and other public locations). PowerPlug Pro saves approximately 70% of PC electricity consumption at BGU.

About Ben Gurion University of the Negev

Home to 20,000 students, BGU is a leader in research in hi-tech, arid zone agriculture, solar energy, water resource management and other disciplines. Ben-Gurion University of the Negev has taken on itself the responsibility to care for a cleaner and better quality environment as part of the project “Green Campus “, an initiative of the Ministry of Environmental Protection whose aim is to implement the subject of environmental quality in higher education institutions.