Sheba saves on pc energy costs
Largest Medical Center in Israel Expected to Save Over $150K Annually in PC Energy Costs in 2011, Cutting Carbon Emissions

Sheba Medical Center Rolls out PowerPlug Pro for Enterprise PC Power Management


As part of its energy efficiency and environmental strategy, Sheba Medical Center has implemented PowerPlug Pro for PC Power Management across its campus. PowerPlug Pro currently saves over $10K a month in electricity costs.

“Evaluating PowerPlug Pro as a tool for managing PC power management, we never imagined we could reach nearly 40% savings in PC power consumption and PC energy costs, worth over $10,000 a month” says Bruno Lavi, CIO of Sheba Medical Center. “We also prevented 300 tons of CO2 from reaching the atmosphere in the first half of 2011 alone”, continued Lavi.

PowerPlug Pro establishes different power saving plans to suit the needs of different departments and users. PowerPlug Pro allows user and administrators to wake up sleeping computers when needs, or in a scheduled manner. PowerPlug Pro produces a range of management reports, which include electricity savings and financial benefits.

“Although Sheba Medical Center is Israel’s largest hospital, and has over 4,000, integration and complete coverage took only a few days, with a smooth handover to our IT personnel. The recent electricity cost increases reaffirmed us that we are on the right path when we try to save energy. As we learn more about our power consumption, I expect we will be able increase the savings we get from PowerPlug Pro.”

About Sheba Medical Center

Serves as Israel’s national medical center in many fields. With 150 departments and clinics, 1,700 beds, 7,500 healthcare professionals and scientists, Sheba handles more than 1.5 million annual patient visits and conducts at least 25 percent of all Israeli medical research.