Rambam Health Reaches Full ROI With PowerPlug PC Energy Saving Software

PowerPlug Pro yields annual, repeatable savings of more than $80,000 for Rambam Healthcare Campus.

Rambam experiences 100% ROI on PC energy costs within 4 months time, using PowerPlug’s leading PC Energy Saving Software.

Rambam Healthcare Campus has implemented PowerPlug Pro, a leading PC power management solution, on more than 2,000 of its computers.
Rambam Healthcare Campus implemented PowerPlug’s PC energy saving software across its network in November 2009, and has seen a phenomenal return on its investment, with a full ROI within 4 months. The system has generated savings of more than 5 times its cost since.
“PowerPlug Pro has improved our IT and business efficiency by identifying and reducing costs in hardware, energy consumption and IT staff time” says Mr. Sara Tzafrir, Rambam Healthcare Campus’ CIO.
“Moreover, PowerPlug Pro has significantly increased the awareness of our thousands of employees pertaining to power savings. Some of our users have started to switch off their PCs when leaving work”, says Mr. Yaron Leibo, Rambam’s Chief Electric Engineer. “It brought savings of about 2% of our huge electricity bill in 2010”, added Mr. Leibo.
PowerPlug Pro is installed on more than 2,000 computers at Rambam Healthcare Campus, optimized for a hospital environment with a mix of on-premise, remote and emergency computers spanning a complex network.
“With PowerPlug Wakeup Portal, we have implemented power savings with remote users. We can now save additional energy costs on hundreds of PCs by enforcing power savings policies for remote users”, adds Mrs. Tzafrir.


About Rambam Healthcare Campus
Rambam Healthcare Campus is northern Israel’s largest hospital and a tertiary referral center for 11 district hospitals. It is Israel’s Northern address for advanced surgical departments in all specialties and subspecialties. Rambam Healthcare Campus is recognized worldwide for exemplary hospital-management and emergency medicine practices. It is one of the world’s best level-1 trauma centers, caring for accident victims in peacetime, injured soldiers and civilians in wartime, and mass-trauma casualties due to terrorism. Rambam employs more than 4,000 employees including more than 700 physicians and 1,500 nurses.