Israeli Innovation is changing the world, and PowerPlug Ltd. is keeping up-to date with the latest environmental Innovation and Resource Efficiency Conference


PowerPlug participated at the environmental Innovation and Resource Efficiency Conference, which took place in Binyanei Ha’uma, Jerusalem’s International Convention Center on May 23m 2018.

The Israel Innovation Authority, promotes these kinds of events, such as conferences, business seminars, networking events, workshops, hands-on experiences and forums for discussion and collaboration with the faces behind the cutting-edge R&D in Israel, to anyone who is looking to innovate with the support and co-operation of Israeli technologies.


PowerPlug booth

The conference is a part of the EU’s SwitchMed programme implemented together with the UN.

Attendees included: Mr. Yehuda Bronicki, founder of Ormat alternative and renewable energy-technology group and Israel Prize laureate 2018, Dr. Ami Applebaum, Chairman of the Innovation Authority and Chief Scientist at the Ministry of Economy and Industry, Mr. Shay Rinsky, Director General of the Ministry of Economy and Industry, Mr. Gil Shaki, Director of Energy, Cleantech and Infrastructure, Innovation Authority, Ms. Avital Eshet, Director of Economics, Policy and Strategy Division, Ministry of Environmental Protection, Mr. Nahum Itzkovich, Director of the Investment and Development Authority for Ministry Industry and Economy, and Mr. Nimrod Yedaya, VP Customers – PowerPlug Ltd.


“R&D collaboration between IL and EU in Environmental and Innovation field is excellent, I am happy to support this conference and further EU-IL co-operation”, said speaker, Mr. Emanuele Giaufret, EU Ambassador to Israel.

EU Amb.

Mr. Emanuele Giaufret, EU Ambassador to Israel.


Mr. Zeev Elkin, Minister of Environmental Protection, upon the conference opening speech addressed the new government programs to support technological-environmental innovation and streamlining of industry resources.


Zeev Elkin, and Emanuele Giaufret


About Israel Innovation Authority

The Israel Innovation Authority, an independent publicly funded agency, was thus created to provide a variety of practical tools and funding platforms aimed at effectively addressing the dynamic and changing needs of the local and international innovation ecosystems. This includes early-stage entrepreneurs, mature companies developing new products or manufacturing processes, academic groups seeking to transfer their ideas to the market, global corporations interested in collaborating with Israeli technology, Israeli companies seeking new markets abroad and traditional factories and plants seeking to incorporate innovative and advanced manufacturing into their businesses.


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